Kids Birthday Party Invites

Once you have chosen a birthday party theme, a birthday party location, and have narrowed down a date and time, you will be prepared to get the invitations sent out. Birthday invites can be as simple or elaborate as you want. With a home computer and colored printer, you can use your creativity to make your own invitations. Although you may save some money making your own invitations, the amount of time involved will depend on your computer skills. The main advantage to printing your own birthday invites is that once you type in the details of the party you can then print multiple copies.

If time is an issue, you can always purchase invitations already created. Many times these invitations will be sold by theme and will follow a line of matching decorations. These birthday invitations are both visually appealing and reasonably priced. The disadvantage to these kids invites is that the details of the party have to be repeatedly written on each invitation.

For professional and worry-free invitations, you can choose from a variety of companies that offer high-quality printed invitations with a personalized touch. These invitations come in a multitude of colors and designs to meet your unique needs. Companies include: offering Fun Party Invitations for Kids. Quick Delivery. 100% Personalized.

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Personalized Party Invitations for Kids!


Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Having trouble planning your child’s next birthday party? Start by choosing a theme! The following guide will provide you with a variety of the most popular kids’ birthday party themes as well as everything you need to plan your next party. You’ll find party planning guides, birthday party menus, ideas for making birthday cakes, party decorations and favors, party games, party supplies, and party tips for planning a birthday party on a budget.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas:

Sports Themes

  • Baseball Birthday Party
  • Basketball Birthday Party
  • Football Birthday Party
  • Golf Birthday Party
  • Hockey Birthday Party
  • LaCrosse Birthday Party
  • Tennis Birthday Party
  • Track and Field Birthday Party

Nature Themes

  • At the Zoo Birthday Party
  • Bugs:
    • Ants Birthday Party
    • Butterflies Birthday Party
    • Caterpillars Birthday Party
    • Dragonflies Birthday Party
    • Honey bees Birthday Party
    • Lady bugs Birthday Party
  • Cats/Kittens Birthday Party
  • Dinosaurs Birthday Party
  • Dogs Birthday Party
  • Down on the Farm Birthday Party
  • Fish:
    • Pond Life Birthday Party
    • Under the Sea Birthday Party
  • Garden Birthday Party
  • Monkeys Birthday Party
  • Noah’s Arc Birthday Party
  • The Arctic Birthday Party
  • The Desert Birthday Party
  • The Rainforest Birthday Party

Literature Themes

  • Character Book Birthday Party
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Birthday Party
  • Curious George Birthday Party
  • Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
  • Eric Carle Birthday Party
  • Flat Stanley Birthday Party
  • Harry Potter Birthday Party
  • Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party

Movie Themes

  • Avatar Birthday Party
  • The Backyardigans Birthday Party
  • Batman Birthday Party
  • Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party
  • Dora the Explorer Birthday Party
  • Finding Nemo Birthday Party
  • Hannah Montana Birthday Party
  • High School Musical Birthday Party
  • Hulk Birthday Party
  • Lion King Birthday Party
  • Lord of the Flies Birthday Party
  • Lord of the Rings Birthday Party
  • Pirate of the Caribbean Birthday Party
  • The Princess and the Frog Birthday Party
  • Sesame Street Birthday Party
  • Shrek Birthday Party
  • Spiderman Birthday Party
  • Star Wars Birthday Party
  • Superman Birthday Party
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party
  • Twilight Birthday Party

Other Fun Birthday Party Ideas

  • American Idol Birthday Party
  • Around the World Birthday Party
  • Barbie Birthday Party
  • Bicycle Birthday Party
  • Christmas Birthday Party
  • Cookie Monster Birthday Party
  • Cowboy Birthday Party
  • Cow Girl Birthday Party
  • Disney Birthday Party
  • Elmo Birthday Party
  • Firefighter Birthday Party
  • Fun in the Sun Birthday Party
  • Glamor Girls Birthday Party
  • Harvest Festival Birthday Party
  • Hawaiian Birthday Party
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party
  • Karate Birthday Party
  • Little Einstein Birthday Party
  • Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party
  • Mardi Gras Birthday Party
  • Mexican Fiesta! Birthday Party
  • Military Birthday Party
  • Modeling Birthday Party
  • Monster Truck Birthday Party
  • Motorcycle Birthday Party
  • NASCAR Birthday Party
  • Olympics Birthday Party
  • Outer Space Birthday Party
  • Pirates Birthday Party
  • Policeman Birthday Party
  • Pool Party Birthday Party
  • Princess Birthday Party
  • Race Car Birthday Party
  • Scientists Birthday Party
  • South of the Border Birthday Party
  • Tea Party Birthday Party
  • Western Birthday Party

Bag Obsession

Spring is on it’s way and I am thinking about bags. I am completely in love with the bags and accessories offered by Vera Bradley. Aside from the vibrant fabrics and pattern variety, I find that Vera Bradley products are durable and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. Just by studying any one of the Vera Bradley products, you can feel the sturdiness of the fabric and see that the stitching is impeccable.

The Vera Bradley site has already launched it’s new line (I know because I am on it every day). I LOVE the Frill line! It is so feminine and I appreciate the attention to detail that is characteristic of Vera Bradley products. If you are contemplating a piece from Vera Bradley, I highly recommend starting your collection with one of the smaller pieces. I love the functionality of the Clip Zip ID Wallets. These are especially great for someone who does not like to carry a bag. The wallet allows you to stash your driver’s license in the front window for easy viewing (like when you are asked to show it for that bottle of wine) and hide your other cards/cash in the zippered compartment. I also love that the wallet has a beefy ring to attach my keys for easy carrying.

Another great accessory that is similar to the Clip Zip ID Wallet is the All In One Wristlet. These highly functional and fashionable carriers provide a pocket for your phone/music player, three credit card slots in a zippered compartment, and a clasp strap so it can be attached to a bigger bag. These are perfect for travel or times when you want to go lightweight instead of carrying a bag.

Ever need a splash of color? Check out the Reversible Belt that features a coordinating fabric on each side. The buckle allows the belt to be adjusted by a simple loop, so no need to worry about growing out of it by going up or down a size.

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.


Deployment Kit

I want to share this idea with you because I think it will completely bless anyone you may know who has a husband in the military. Last year, I wanted to do something for my sister-in-law as she prepared for her husband to go out to sea for five months with the Navy. I don’t usually get gifts shipped out on time, but was proud of myself when my gift showed up the day his ship set sail. The gift idea entailed buying a white paper gift bag and titling it “Sara’s Deployment Kit”. I also glued various road maps to the outside of the bag to reflect a travel theme. On the inside, I put a variety of goodies that I thought would help her get through those months. Inside the bag I included a note with a list of all the items and how to use them. When using this idea, change up the items to reflect the interests/needs of the person you are giving it to. Here is what I used:

  • pocket calendar-to count down the days
  • slippers-to wrap yourself in comfort
  • package of mesh bags-for easy clean-up (my sister-in-law has three kids)
  • ceramic cup with tea bags-to help you relax at the end of a busy day
  • stuffed frog prince-to remind you of your true love
  • tissues-when you miss him even more
  • aspirin-when the day didn’t go so well
  • chocolate-just because
  • book with daily devotionals (from Billy Graham)-to remind you that God is always with you
  • small garden kit (seeds and those soil discs that expand with water)-to brighten your day

Easy and Durable Place Mats

I have to admit that I rarely use place mats on my dining room table. I do, however, think they are absolutely adorable (on other people’s table) when they reflect a particular season or holiday. Last Christmas, I decided I would make some festive place mats for my loved ones and their children. I picked a fun design with ginger bread men on one side and a solid brown fabric for the reverse side. I chose brown with the hope that the place mats could be used in autumn and then flipped to reflect the Christmas season. FYI, the brown did match the Christmas fabric due to the brown in the ginger bread men. (I felt I needed to mention that since one does not typically think of brown as a Christmas color.) Because I consider myself a beginner sewer, I followed a pattern and the directions for a simple place mat provided by . This site is a great place to find FREE patterns, sewing lessons, sewing project ideas, and links. Here is how my place mats turned out. The fabric was purchased at Joann Fabrics.