Mr. Potato Head

Toddler Activities

This week's theme was completely inspired by a recent purchase from the toy store. After months of searching, I was finally able to find a Mr. Potato Head here in Germany for my 19 month old son. Because he is learning to identify body parts and their movements, owning a Mr. Potato Head would only … [Read more...]

Watermelon Activities for Toddlers

Watermelon Activities for Toddlers

This week has been all about watermelons for me and my toddler. I was inspired to create some toddler activities as I was slicing up a beautiful specimen on Mother's Day. Watermelons are not only colorful and tasty, but they have several different dimensions to them. All of this, to me, equals a … [Read more...]

Mosaic Watermelon Activity

Mosaic Watermelon Craft

This is a great toddler craft for many reasons. It involves just a few, inexpensive materials, it's engaging, and it aids in skill development (fine motor control, color and shape recognition). Here's how to create a mosaic watermelon... Cut some green and red construction paper into strips and … [Read more...]

Felt Watermelon Counting Activity


This is a super simple counting activity that I came up with on the fly. I love that it features the watermelon (our theme for this week) and is something I can keep "on file" as my little one grows in his understanding of numbers. For example, this could easily be used with preschoolers to not only … [Read more...]

Watermelon Popsicles

Watermelon Popsicles

Today, Nathan and I experimented with different phases of matter. Yep, even a 19 month old can begin learning about solids and liquids just by using watermelon. To do so, we began with watermelon fresh off the rind. In its solid state, we ate a few pieces, but could observe liquid escaping with each … [Read more...]

Watermelon Songs


In keeping with our watermelon theme this week, I wanted to teach by toddler a fun song that was either about watermelons or at least mentioned them. The first song that came to mind was the classic "Down By the Bay". I quickly went to You Tube and was happy to find a sweet little video for us to … [Read more...]

Kids Songs

Barefoot Books

My son LOVES listening to music (he gets it from his mom). It doesn't matter if he hears a commercial playing on the radio or a song playing overhead in a store, he will start movin' and shakin' to the rhythm he hears. It really is the funniest thing to look in my rearview mirror and see him in his … [Read more...]

Paper Plate Watermelon

Toddler Craft

This cute little toddler craft is super simple and only requires a few materials. To get started, you will need: a toddler 2 large paper plates red and green washable paint dry watermelon seeds glue (I used Tacky) a Q-tip Procedure: Have your child paint (by hand or with a … [Read more...]

Building Block Activities

Building Block Activities

Building blocks, also referred to as "blocks" or "toy blocks", have been around for decades and for all good reason. Their simple design and construction encourage a host of developmental skills, which make them the ultimate educational toy. In order to maximize the educational benefits of building … [Read more...]