Sensory Play With Watermelon

Nathan's First Taste of Watermelon

Since this week is going to be all about watermelons, I thought it was appropriate to begin our fun with some sensory play. This took place by simply cutting a watermelon into slices and then watching my toddler explore. It turns out that watermelon is a great "material" to use for sensory play. Not … [Read more...]

Toddler Sensory Activity Using Jello

Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Of all the things a mom can pull out of her kitchen cupboard and give to her toddler for an amazingly good time, Jello has got to be the cheapest and easiest to make. Prepare the Jello according to the package directions (remember that it has to "set up" in the fridge for a bit) and serve with a … [Read more...]

Monthly Meal Plan

Now that I am pregnant, I am trying to think of ways to make my life even more organized. By establishing efficient habits now, I am hoping to ease some of the stress I may feel as a first-time mommy. One thing that I have started implementing is the use of a monthly meal planner. … [Read more...]

Knitted Flowers

Knitted Flower

Back in the fall, I found a neat little book at my local library in N.H. on how to knit flowers. With all of the life changes we have endured since then (we now live in another country), it has taken me a while to complete the few projects I chose from the book. I still have a couple more I am … [Read more...]

Kid Birthday Party Planning

As a teacher, I know the most important thing to remember when organizing a stress-free kids event is to stay organized with a well-developed plan. No matter how simple or how elaborate you want your kids birthday party to be, you can implement a fun-filled party by taking advantage of a few … [Read more...]

Kids Birthday Party Planner

Planning a kids birthday party? Keep it stress-free by keeping track of your to-do's with a handy birthday party planner. This Birthday Party Planner Checklist will help you organize all the party details so can enjoy the reason for the celebration-your little one! … [Read more...]

Sewing Books

Here is a list of some of my favorite sewing books for beginners. All of these offer some really cute projects for those learning how to sew. You will find that each one presents the directions for making each project in simple, user-friendly language to meet the needs of the beginner sewer to even … [Read more...]

Ways to Send Birthday Party Invitations

Whether you're hand delivering, e-viting, or mailing birthday party invitations, you want to make sure your guests receive their invitation 4-5 weeks before the party. This is generally enough time for families to save the date on their calendars and make any preparations for the party before hand … [Read more...]

Kids Birthday Party Invites

Once you have chosen a birthday party theme, a birthday party location, and have narrowed down a date and time, you will be prepared to get the invitations sent out. Birthday invites can be as simple or elaborate as you want. With a home computer and colored printer, you can use your creativity to … [Read more...]