Bag Obsession

Spring is on it’s way and I am thinking about bags. I am completely in love with the bags and accessories offered by Vera Bradley. Aside from the vibrant fabrics and pattern variety, I find that Vera Bradley products are durable and the craftsmanship is of the highest quality. Just by studying any one of the Vera Bradley products, you can feel the sturdiness of the fabric and see that the stitching is impeccable.

The Vera Bradley site has already launched it’s new line (I know because I am on it every day). I LOVE the Frill line! It is so feminine and I appreciate the attention to detail that is characteristic of Vera Bradley products. If you are contemplating a piece from Vera Bradley, I highly recommend starting your collection with one of the smaller pieces. I love the functionality of the Clip Zip ID Wallets. These are especially great for someone who does not like to carry a bag. The wallet allows you to stash your driver’s license in the front window for easy viewing (like when you are asked to show it for that bottle of wine) and hide your other cards/cash in the zippered compartment. I also love that the wallet has a beefy ring to attach my keys for easy carrying.

Another great accessory that is similar to the Clip Zip ID Wallet is the All In One Wristlet. These highly functional and fashionable carriers provide a pocket for your phone/music player, three credit card slots in a zippered compartment, and a clasp strap so it can be attached to a bigger bag. These are perfect for travel or times when you want to go lightweight instead of carrying a bag.

Ever need a splash of color? Check out the Reversible Belt that features a coordinating fabric on each side. The buckle allows the belt to be adjusted by a simple loop, so no need to worry about growing out of it by going up or down a size.

Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. Vera Bradley Designs, Inc. Vera Bradley Designs, Inc.

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