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  • Our First Day of Homeschool

    Our First Day of Homeschool

    This year Nathan is starting pre-kindergarten. His school experience thus far has been spent in German kindergarten, which is typically for ages 3-5/6 years of age. Now that we are in America, we have decided to homeschool (you can read more about why we decided to homeschool here). As a former teacher, I am really […]

  • Books About Construction Vehicles

    This is Nathan. He loves big vehicles that work to get big jobs done. Tractors and construction vehicles…they’re his thing. He loves playing with them. He loves sorting them. He loves wearing them. He loves talking about them. He loves books about them. Here are some of his favorite construction books… Demolition by Sally Sutton Our Review: A […]

  • DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

    Nate and I decided we would make Valentine’s Day cards for the cousins this year. I wanted to keep them simple, mainly because my access to crafting supplies here in Germany is very limited. Nathan is also, at three years young, limited in his crafting abilities. We began by listing out how many cards we […]

  • An Easy, DIY Valentine’s Day Mailbox

    Now that Nathan is three years old, he loves the idea of getting mail. So, in preparation of Valentine’s Day, we had to create a Valentine’s Day mailbox. When I started to gather supplies for this mailbox, I was surprised that I didn’t have any boxes on hand. I can’t stand clutter, but I do hoard […]

  • Farm Books for Kids

    Every week, my son and I head to the library and/or thrift store to stock up on books related to the theme we are learning about. Last week, we found some really adorable, colorful, creative, enriching and engaging books (you know, all of those things us moms look for in a book for our child) […]