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  • Felt Watermelon Counting Activity

    Felt Watermelon Counting Activity

    This is a super simple counting activity that I came up with on the fly. I love that it features the watermelon (our theme for this week) and is something I can keep “on file” as my little one grows in his understanding of numbers. For example, this could easily be used with preschoolers to […]

  • Watermelon Popsicles

    Watermelon Popsicles

    Today, Nathan and I experimented with different phases of matter. Yep, even a 19 month old can begin learning about solids and liquids just by using watermelon. To do so, we began with watermelon fresh off the rind. In its solid state, we ate a few pieces, but could observe liquid escaping with each bite. […]

  • Watermelon Songs

    Watermelon Songs

    In keeping with our watermelon theme this week, I wanted to teach by toddler a fun song that was either about watermelons or at least mentioned them. The first song that came to mind was the classic “Down By the Bay”. I quickly went to You Tube and was happy to find a sweet little […]

  • Kids Songs

    Kids Songs

    My son LOVES listening to music (he gets it from his mom). It doesn’t matter if he hears a commercial playing on the radio or a song playing overhead in a store, he will start movin’ and shakin’ to the rhythm he hears. It really is the funniest thing to look in my rearview mirror […]

  • Paper Plate Watermelon

    Paper Plate Watermelon

    This cute little toddler craft is super simple and only requires a few materials. To get started, you will need: a toddler 2 large paper plates red and green washable paint dry watermelon seeds glue (I used Tacky) a Q-tip Procedure: Have your child paint (by hand or with a brush) each paper plate. One […]