Kids Birthday Party Planner

Planning a kids birthday party? Keep it stress-free by keeping track of your to-do’s with a handy birthday party planner. This Birthday Party Planner Checklist will help you organize all the party details so can enjoy the reason for the celebration-your little one!


Ways to Send Birthday Party Invitations ... Label the things you love !! Whether you’re hand delivering, e-viting, or mailing birthday party invitations, you want to make sure your guests receive their invitation 4-5 weeks before the party. This is generally enough time for families to save the date on their calendars and make any preparations for the party before hand (buying a gift, arranging to dress “in character” for a particular theme, etc.).

When hand-delivering invitations in your circle of friends, be discreet. Just because you may be good friends with someone, doesn’t mean you have to invite them. This is especially true if your children do not even play together. Be cognizant of their feelings so that you do remain friends, but remember that it is your child’s birthday party. Children's Stationery & Invitations on 100% Recycled Paper

In terms of having your child hand-deliver invites at school, check with the classroom teacher first. As a teacher, I can tell you that feelings often do get hurt when some kids are invited and others aren’t. Try to take advantage of the time after school.

E-viting has become an extremely popular method of inviting people to parties. Sending an e-vite is not only quick and convenient, but many sites offer them free and in a variety of designs. The most popular sites that offer e-vites are and

Mailing birthday party invitations can be quick and easy as long as you have everyone’s address. If you are in need of addresses, begin calling, e-mailing, and texting those on the guest list well in advance to make sure all the invites are mailed out on time. Once mailed, you can count on the United States Postal Service to get your invitations to their destinations with 1-3 business days. Running low on stamps? You can now customize and print postage right from your own home! Last but not least, don’t forget to include a return address on each invitation. You don’t want any of those precious invites getting lost (we all know the turmoil a “no response” creates)!


Kids Birthday Party Invites

Once you have chosen a birthday party theme, a birthday party location, and have narrowed down a date and time, you will be prepared to get the invitations sent out. Birthday invites can be as simple or elaborate as you want. With a home computer and colored printer, you can use your creativity to make your own invitations. Although you may save some money making your own invitations, the amount of time involved will depend on your computer skills. The main advantage to printing your own birthday invites is that once you type in the details of the party you can then print multiple copies.

If time is an issue, you can always purchase invitations already created. Many times these invitations will be sold by theme and will follow a line of matching decorations. These birthday invitations are both visually appealing and reasonably priced. The disadvantage to these kids invites is that the details of the party have to be repeatedly written on each invitation.

For professional and worry-free invitations, you can choose from a variety of companies that offer high-quality printed invitations with a personalized touch. These invitations come in a multitude of colors and designs to meet your unique needs. Companies include: offering Fun Party Invitations for Kids. Quick Delivery. 100% Personalized.

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Personalized Party Invitations for Kids!


Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Having trouble planning your child’s next birthday party? Start by choosing a theme! The following guide will provide you with a variety of the most popular kids’ birthday party themes as well as everything you need to plan your next party. You’ll find party planning guides, birthday party menus, ideas for making birthday cakes, party decorations and favors, party games, party supplies, and party tips for planning a birthday party on a budget.

Birthday Party Theme Ideas:

Sports Themes

  • Baseball Birthday Party
  • Basketball Birthday Party
  • Football Birthday Party
  • Golf Birthday Party
  • Hockey Birthday Party
  • LaCrosse Birthday Party
  • Tennis Birthday Party
  • Track and Field Birthday Party

Nature Themes

  • At the Zoo Birthday Party
  • Bugs:
    • Ants Birthday Party
    • Butterflies Birthday Party
    • Caterpillars Birthday Party
    • Dragonflies Birthday Party
    • Honey bees Birthday Party
    • Lady bugs Birthday Party
  • Cats/Kittens Birthday Party
  • Dinosaurs Birthday Party
  • Dogs Birthday Party
  • Down on the Farm Birthday Party
  • Fish:
    • Pond Life Birthday Party
    • Under the Sea Birthday Party
  • Garden Birthday Party
  • Monkeys Birthday Party
  • Noah’s Arc Birthday Party
  • The Arctic Birthday Party
  • The Desert Birthday Party
  • The Rainforest Birthday Party

Literature Themes

  • Character Book Birthday Party
  • Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Birthday Party
  • Curious George Birthday Party
  • Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
  • Eric Carle Birthday Party
  • Flat Stanley Birthday Party
  • Harry Potter Birthday Party
  • Where the Wild Things Are Birthday Party

Movie Themes

  • Avatar Birthday Party
  • The Backyardigans Birthday Party
  • Batman Birthday Party
  • Chronicles of Narnia Birthday Party
  • Dora the Explorer Birthday Party
  • Finding Nemo Birthday Party
  • Hannah Montana Birthday Party
  • High School Musical Birthday Party
  • Hulk Birthday Party
  • Lion King Birthday Party
  • Lord of the Flies Birthday Party
  • Lord of the Rings Birthday Party
  • Pirate of the Caribbean Birthday Party
  • The Princess and the Frog Birthday Party
  • Sesame Street Birthday Party
  • Shrek Birthday Party
  • Spiderman Birthday Party
  • Star Wars Birthday Party
  • Superman Birthday Party
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party
  • Twilight Birthday Party

Other Fun Birthday Party Ideas

  • American Idol Birthday Party
  • Around the World Birthday Party
  • Barbie Birthday Party
  • Bicycle Birthday Party
  • Christmas Birthday Party
  • Cookie Monster Birthday Party
  • Cowboy Birthday Party
  • Cow Girl Birthday Party
  • Disney Birthday Party
  • Elmo Birthday Party
  • Firefighter Birthday Party
  • Fun in the Sun Birthday Party
  • Glamor Girls Birthday Party
  • Harvest Festival Birthday Party
  • Hawaiian Birthday Party
  • Hello Kitty Birthday Party
  • Karate Birthday Party
  • Little Einstein Birthday Party
  • Littlest Pet Shop Birthday Party
  • Mardi Gras Birthday Party
  • Mexican Fiesta! Birthday Party
  • Military Birthday Party
  • Modeling Birthday Party
  • Monster Truck Birthday Party
  • Motorcycle Birthday Party
  • NASCAR Birthday Party
  • Olympics Birthday Party
  • Outer Space Birthday Party
  • Pirates Birthday Party
  • Policeman Birthday Party
  • Pool Party Birthday Party
  • Princess Birthday Party
  • Race Car Birthday Party
  • Scientists Birthday Party
  • South of the Border Birthday Party
  • Tea Party Birthday Party
  • Western Birthday Party

Five Fun Fall Activities

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. The hot summer days are replaced with a crispness in the air. With color abound, gather the family and take advantage of these fun fall activities. You are sure to love them year after year.

1. Go on a leaf hunt

This is a fun activity that allows for many great photo opportunities. All you have to do is pick your favorite sunny day and head outside. Each child can carry his/her own small basket or paper bag to collect their leaves in. Once home, use the leaves to create colorful art projects. The projects can then be used to decorate your home. What a great way to welcome fall!

Follow the link for fall art projects.  Leaf Stamping

2. Visit some craft fairs

Craft fairs are a great way to support your local community. Artists of all kinds spend hours preparing for these events. I have found some of the most unique gifts at craft fairs and I ALWAYS leave inspired.

3. Take a hayride to a pumpkin patch

This is a family tradition waiting to happen! It is the same idea as going to the tree farm at Christmas and picking out the Christmas tree. Grab some hot apple cider and some kettle corn and hop a ride to the pumpkin patch. Allow each member of the family to pick one out to decorate. I also get a few sugar pumpkins for baking!

Check locally to find a patch near you. Many of these fun family places offer a corn maze too. What a great way to get “lost” one afternoon!

4. Make a scarecrow

This project may sound intimidating, but it is really super simple. Many of the items for the project are probably already laying around your house. Allow each member of the family to create one in their own image to display in the front yard. Your scarecrow family will be fun to come home to!

Follow the link for the full directions. Scarecrow directions

5. Go apple picking

Aside from being healthy, the tastiest apples are the ones you pick yourself. There is an abundance of recipes that can be whipped up using your favorite varieties. Applesauce, apple pie, apple muffins, apple crisp, apple donuts, apple butter, apple cider, caramel apples, should I keep going?

Check online for local orchards near you by visiting your state’s Department of Agricultural Resources or the home site of your town/city.