Our First Day of Homeschool

First Year of Home Schooling

This year Nathan is starting pre-kindergarten. His school experience thus far has been spent in German kindergarten, which is typically for ages 3-5/6 years of age. Now that we are in America, we have decided to homeschool (you can read more about why we decided to homeschool here). As a former teacher, I am really excited to be embarking on this journey with my son! We began our home school on September 7 this year, the day after Labor Day.

I have decided to share our homeschooling adventures here on Mommyship. I will also post my lesson plans, activities, worksheets, and everything else in an attempt to help other moms (or dads) looking for ideas or support. I don’t by any means think I have it all figured out, but surely my years spent in various classroom settings have provided me with the insight and experience needed to run my own home school. Only time will tell as I navigate us (with a newborn in arm) on this education expedition.

Check back often to find related resources as I am creating my own curriculum based on my son’s needs. That means his skill level and rate of mastery will dictate (to an extent) what I teach, but most certainly when I teach things (read about how I’m doing this here). Happy homeschooling!!!



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