Fruit Faces and Pancake People

The easiest way to incorporate learning is to do it with what [almost] every kid loves…food! For this week’s theme, “Body and Movement”, Nathan and I first enjoyed an afternoon snack of fruit faces. Although my 19 month old was more interested in eating the pieces than identifying them, I think this is still a great activity for teaching the features of the face–eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Toddler Activities

We then enjoyed our “Friday Fun Breakfast” with pancake people (I try to make Friday’s a little more fun/special since it marks the end of the workweek). Again, a simple and fun way to create faces that can also encourage healthy eating. Toddler ActivitiesThis activity can be used over and over and not get boring just by adding new ingredients. Try some of these…


dried fruit


chocolate chips

whipped cream




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