Kids Songs

Barefoot BooksMy son LOVES listening to music (he gets it from his mom). It doesn’t matter if he hears a commercial playing on the radio or a song playing overhead in a store, he will start movin’ and shakin’ to the rhythm he hears. It really is the funniest thing to look in my rearview mirror and see him in his carseat with is little head bobbing. To foster that enormous love for music, I am always in search of good kid songs, nursery rhymes, and Christian music. We particularly enjoy watching some of the music videos for kids on You Tube. I have to admit that there are some really awful ones on there. Awful because the voice of the person singing is not pleasing to the ears or the animation is weird, too fast or too overwhelming for even my adult eyes. The best kids songs we have found, with videos, are by a company called Barefoot Books. They actually sell beautifully illustrated books with CD’s that feature some classic songs like these…



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