Knitted Flowers

Knitted Flower

Back in the fall, I found a neat little book at my local library in N.H. on how to knit flowers. With all of the life changes we have endured since then (we now live in another country), it has taken me a while to complete the few projects I chose from the book. I still have a couple more I am working on-a knitted daisy, a knitted cactus plant, and several small knitted cherry blossoms. Here are some pics of my completed projects. I think they turned out to be pretty cute. Each one was knitted in pieces and then hand sewn to form a specific flower.


Knitted FlowerKnitted FlowerKnitted Flower








The first project is a knitted tulip. I knitted the stem and three petals. I then used black pipe cleaners for the stamens.

The last two projects are knitted roses. I made the pink one for a niece of mine and the red one for a friend. I personally like the red one better. I think the yarn was more pliable so the rose turned out to be not as stiff. The goal for the red one is to embellish it with some small translucent sequins to give it a little sparkle. I left two tails on the rose so that it can be added to a lovely black scarf I made my friend for Christmas.


[amtap amazon:asin=1844484939]Here is the book I used for my knitted projects. It offers twenty different knitted flower patterns with colorful illustrations of each. I would recommend this book for an advanced beginner. The book does not offer any insight into the terminology used, so you will not find descriptions on how to complete various stitches or techniques. If you love to knit and are searching for some fun projects that are not time-consuming, get this book!

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