Mosaic Watermelon Activity

This is a great toddler craft for many reasons. It involves just a few, inexpensive materials, it’s engaging, and it aids in skill development (fine motor control, color and shape recognition). Here’s how to create a mosaic watermelon…

  1. Cut some green and red construction paper into strips and then into squares. Two pieces of paper should be plenty.paperstripsMosaic Watermelon Craft
  2. Cut a piece of contact paper the size you want your piece of watermelon to be. Take off the paper part to reveal the sticky side.
  3. Turn the sides of the contact “paper” under at each end so it holds the piece in place for your toddler. Mosaic Watermelon Craft
  4. Guide your toddler as she/he places red and green squares onto the sticky side of the contact sheet (it’s okay if they are randomly placed, as long as they are placed so they stick!).Mosaic Watermelon Craft
  5. Flip the contact sheet over and place a piece of tissue paper in a coordinating color to the back. This will act as a filler to cover any exposed contact paper parts and add color. *This is optional. My toddler didn’t quite fill up the space, which is okay. But, I needed a backing.Mosaic Watermelon Craft
  6. Cut mosaic watermelon to resemble the shape of a piece of watermelon.Mosaic Watermelon Craft

After we completed this craft, I was thinking that it would be cute and more watermelon-like to add a few small pieces of black construction paper to the mix (to stand in as seeds). This toddler craft is lovely as the sun shines through it while it hangs in a kitchen window.



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