Pumpkin Matching Game

I bought a batch of foam pumpkin shapes last fall and boy have they served us well! We first used them to make this festive Thankful Banner.

Next, they were used to make this simple matching game…

Pumpkin Matching Game

This would be the perfect fall matching game for toddlers or preschoolers. For toddlers, obviously monitor them because these pumpkins are not edible.

I made this set using only four different designs. I also had specific skills I wanted to target–notice each features a different nose shape, shape color and overall emotion.

The second matching game I came up with incorporates my son’s name–NATHAN. This matching game would be perfect for a preschooler, pre-kindergartener or kindergartener. To write the letters (as well as the faces for the ones above), I actually used fabric paint. Fabric paint works well for a lot of projects that require writing or detail work. The Scribbles brand I use comes with a built-in fine point applicator to make each job turn out nice. Of course, one also needs a steady hand! If only those came with the bottle of paint…

I also added dots to each letter for a multisensory approach. After we play the game, Nathan will trace each letter with his pointer finger and we put the letters together to spell his name.

Pumpkin Matching Game



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