Sensory Play With Watermelon

Since this week is going to be all about watermelons, I thought it was appropriate to begin our fun with some sensory play. This took place by simply cutting a watermelon into slices and then watching my toddler explore. It turns out that watermelon is a great “material” to use for sensory play. Not only does it have texture and is edible (a must for my toddler), but it is colorful and has many dimensions–the rind (which is hard), the “flesh” (which is squishy) and the seeds (which are slimy). Although I did let my toddler explore the seeds, I had to be on guard so that he wouldn’t eat them (because like everything else, he wanted to). Sure, the seeds wouldn’t harm him if eaten, but why would I let him eat the seeds when I don’t? The caution about this sensory play is that it is super messy and the “water” is actually sugar water so it is super sticky. Try to aim for a warm day when you can head outdoors : )

Nathan's First Taste of Watermelon
Nathan’s First Taste of Watermelon

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