Sewing Books

Here is a list of some of my favorite sewing books for beginners. All of these offer some really cute projects for those learning how to sew. You will find that each one presents the directions for making each project in simple, user-friendly language to meet the needs of the beginner sewer to even the highly advanced. Some of these books also provide sewing patterns for each project directly in the back of the book! Happy sewing…

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My sister-in-law gave me this book (thanks Sara!) that offers 16 different styles of skirts to sew. Cute, creative designs offered in a user-friendly language. Love it!

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Of course I would include a book devoted to bags! I just love making them and you will to with this helpful book!

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This is by far the BEST sewing book I have ever come across! It is in essence a “sewing for dummies” book. It explains all of the sewing lingo, offers trendy and cute sewing projects, and it provides free sewing patterns! This is a must have for any sewer!

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This book has the cutest projects to make for kids. Who knew one could make so much with a yard of fabric?

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This book has everything you need to know about sewing and the pictures are great for us visual learners!

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Another great book for beginners. I love that this book teaches “the basics” in a basic way : )

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the projects in this book! (Of course, many of them are bags.) I also love the choice of fabrics the author uses.

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Cute projects using creative fabrics-that’s Anna Maria Horner.

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Love her projects and fabrics. This book is crisp, clean and thorough. I like that it offers actual concepts about design.


Easy and Durable Place Mats

I have to admit that I rarely use place mats on my dining room table. I do, however, think they are absolutely adorable (on other people’s table) when they reflect a particular season or holiday. Last Christmas, I decided I would make some festive place mats for my loved ones and their children. I picked a fun design with ginger bread men on one side and a solid brown fabric for the reverse side. I chose brown with the hope that the place mats could be used in autumn and then flipped to reflect the Christmas season. FYI, the brown did match the Christmas fabric due to the brown in the ginger bread men. (I felt I needed to mention that since one does not typically think of brown as a Christmas color.) Because I consider myself a beginner sewer, I followed a pattern and the directions for a simple place mat provided by . This site is a great place to find FREE patterns, sewing lessons, sewing project ideas, and links. Here is how my place mats turned out. The fabric was purchased at Joann Fabrics.


Denim Pin Cushion

I thought I would share this cute little pin cushion I made for my sister-in-law a while back. I simply cut out a piece of denim that included the pocket from an old skirt. I then paired it with some red fabric that had some country style. I think it turned out nicely. The pocket can then be used to hold embroidery floss, needles, buttons, a thimble…the list goes on and on!



A couple of summers ago, I wanted to pick up sewing. My goal was to purchase a book that would teach me some basic techniques through the creation of various items. I love handbags (what girl doesn’t), so I found a book that offered several different designs.The Sew Everything Workshop book is a must for anyone who loves to sew. It is especially useful for beginner sewers because the book actually offers patterns for the multitude of projects it teaches how to make. Projects include various clothing items, handbags, a doggy coat, a quilt, and a children’s stuffed elephant. I particularly love the “Tokyo Bag” offered in this book. Here are a few pictures of the ones I have made using various fabrics. Once you make this bag, it is a breeze to make. You can then alter your pattern to make a bigger bag.

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