Watermelon Activities for Toddlers

Watermelon Activities

This week has been all about watermelons for me and my toddler. I was inspired to create some toddler activities as I was slicing up a beautiful specimen on Mother’s Day. Watermelons are not only colorful and tasty, but they have several different dimensions to them. All of this, to me, equals a great learning opportunity for a little person! So, here are a whole week’s worth of watermelon activities for you and your toddler:

  1. Sensory Play With Watermelon
  2. Mosaic Watermelon Craft
  3. Paper Plate Watermelon
  4. Felt Watermelon Counting Activity
  5. Watermelon Songs (with visuals and a game!)
  6. Watermelon Popsicles
  7. Plant a Watermelon



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